Don't Just Restore. Renovate.

Get started on your home remodeling project in the greater Colorado area including Johnstown, Fort Collins, and Loveland CO

When your home has been through a storm, fire or other disaster, you'll need some help restoring it to a good condition. But why stop there? You can do more than just rebuild your old home. You can choose this time to begin a home remodeling project.

Imagine not just restoring your home, but making it more beautiful than it was before. RTC Restoration & Renovation of the Johnstown, Loveland and Fort Collins, CO areas will rehabilitate your home after water, fire, smoke, mold or other damage. Then, we'll provide remodeling services to turn your previously damaged house into your dream home.

How can we help you?

We're here for you. When you need to restore your home after damage, you can count on us. When you want home remodeling, you can rely on us, too. Here are five ways that RTC Restoration & Renovation can help you.

We can:

Rebuild your home after a disaster, like a flood, fire or storm.
Prevent future damage by restoring the strength of your building.
Follow restoration work with excellent remodeling services.
Turn your home into a restful retreat.
Work with your insurance company to support restoration.

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