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Shirley M.

When the rain and hail hit our house in August we were panic stricken. Our basement had water and hail that came to within 1 1/2 feet of the ceiling. After water was removed, we had 3 1/2 feet of hail. We called one local restoration company that took one look and said when you get the water and hail out, call us and we will remove dry wall, etc. for you. RTC responded very quickly and said here is what we can do for you, this is the time we think it will take and this is the cost. WOW!! I was impressed. The entire crew was very respectful, courteous, compassionate and kept us totally informed as to what they were doing and why. Management came often to check on progress of the melting hail as well as to make sure work was being done to our satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend RTC for any restoration or renovation work that needs to be done. Quality work and Quality workers!! Thanks for all your hard work. We so appreciate you.


Bill C.

Thanks a lot for your quick response to my needs last month, when the basement started to leak (due to the heavy rains). Your Technical team was at my house within a few hours after my call and was able to limit the damage to just one bedroom. They dried the carpet and the walls; took care of any mold concerns I had; and educated me as to what and why they were doing it. They also came back to check on things for the next three days, to make sure everything was going alright. Your administrative staff was similarly professional. Yesenia was friendly and efficient in directing my questions to the right people and coordinating information flow between my insurance company, the FEMA representative, and Scott. Scott was instrumental in handling most of my insurance concerns and I appreciate the time and effort he spent on my behalf. All in all, it was a pleasure doing business with you folks, and I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone who might need your services in the future. Thanks again!


Mick S.

When we discovered black mold under an oak floor that had been hidden by a previous owner by installing Pergo over the top, it wasn't pretty. As we uncovered the mess, the job became bigger than a quick repair. It became a total kitchen makeover. We called RTC Restoration and Renovation and we were on our way to a new kitchen! The mold was mitigated and reconstruction began. The subcontractors they utilized were all meticulous and very professional. We were concerned when a granite countertop was going to have to be removed and then reinstalled, but it was done before we knew it - without a hitch. The wood floor was beautifully laid and really brightened up the room. It was necessary to rebuild some of the cabinets due to the mold ruining the bottoms and that was all done well. Some of the work needed to be done after hours and that was not a problem. We highly recommend RTC Restoration and Renovation and if we have further need for remodel or renovation in the future, we will definitely call them.


Alan B.

After an unfortunate accident in our home involving a large amount of water starting upstairs and working its way through the wall downstairs my wife called RTC and they were there as quick a humanly possible. After arriving they quickly determined just what had to be done and got to work right away. They set up fans and heaters to dry out the walls, ceiling and carpet, tore out the linoleum in the bathroom to dry out the floor underneath it and pulled back all the carpet and padding. Once they got the walls and ceiling dry enough they made short work of tearing out the drywall and insulation. Then they took extraordinary measures to make sure there would be no chance of mold ever occurring because of this incident before insulating and hanging new drywall. The great people at RTC even got in contact with the people buying our home to re insure them that everything was being handled properly and even had them pick out the colors they wanted everything painted and pick the new linoleum for the bathroom. Because of the professionalism and timely manner RTC got the work done ensuring the sale of our house went smoothly I would recommend them for any job big or small. Thank you RTC!


Marlin V.

My neighbor had her water heater break and all of the water in the tank came pouring through my ceiling. I called my Insurance Company and they sent out RTC Restoration to start drying out my Home. They were there within a couple of hours after I called. They were professional and explained everything to my satisfaction. I was very impressed with their service and commitment. I will highly recommend them to anyone needing these services in the future.

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